😞 Disappointed Face Emoji

Meaning & Description

The 😞 Disappointed Face Emoji, represented by the Unicode character U+1F61E, is an expressive emoji used in digital communication to convey a sense of disappointment, sadness, or regret. It’s typically employed when someone wants to express that they are let down or feeling low due to unmet expectations or unsatisfactory outcomes. Here’s some information about this emoji:

Appearance: The Disappointed Face emoji features a yellow, round face with downturned eyes and a mouth, indicating a sense of sadness or disappointment. The eyebrows may be slightly raised or neutral.

Usage: This emoji is commonly used to express feelings of disappointment, sadness, or regret. It’s a way to indicate that someone is feeling let down or disheartened because something didn’t go as expected or desired. It’s often used in response to unsatisfactory outcomes.

Variations: The appearance of the Disappointed Face emoji may vary slightly depending on the platform or device you’re using, but the central elements of downturned eyes and a sad expression remain consistent.

Meaning: The primary meaning of the Disappointed Face emoji is to convey a sense of disappointment, sadness, or regret. It’s often used to express that someone is feeling downhearted or disheartened because something did not meet their expectations.

Examples of Use:

  • “I studied so hard for the exam and still got a low score. 😞”
  • “I thought I would get the job, but they chose someone else. 😞💼”
  • “The event was canceled, and I was really looking forward to it. 😞🚫”

Related Emojis: The Disappointed Face emoji can be used in combination with other emojis, such as 😢 Crying Face or 😔 Pensive Face, to provide additional context related to emotions or reactions to disappointing situations.

In summary, the 😞 Disappointed Face Emoji (U+1F61E) is a widely used emoji that conveys a sense of disappointment, sadness, or regret in digital communication. It’s a popular choice for expressing feelings of letdown or disheartenment when something did not meet one’s expectations or desires.


😞 Disappointed Face Emoji Information

Emoji CLDR Short Namedisappointed face
Windows Alt CodeAlt 128542
Windows Alt X Code1F61E Alt X
Other Keywordsdisappointed | face
Emoji GroupSmileys & Emotion
Emoji Subgroupface-concerned
Introduced in Unicode Version (and Release Year)6.0 (2010)
Introduced in Emoji Version (and Release Year)1.0 (2015)
Unicode Character NameDisappointed Face
Unicode Code Point(s)U+1F61E
Unicode BlockEmoticons
Unicode Block SubheadingFaces
Other Unicode Character Description Or Alias 

Emoji Appearance on Different Devices & Platforms

disappointed face emoji on apple iphone iOS
Apple / iPhone iOS
disappointed face emoji on facebook messenger
Facebook / Messenger
disappointed face emoji on google android
Google / Android
disappointed face emoji on microsoft windows
Microsoft / Windows
disappointed face emoji on openmoji
disappointed face emoji on samsung
disappointed face emoji on twitter (twemoji)
Twitter (Twemoji)
disappointed face emoji on whatsapp

Emoji Codes for Developers

Hexadecimal Code1F61E
Decimal Code128542
HTML Entity HEX😞
HTML Entity DEC😞
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%98%9E
Bytes (UTF-8)\xF0\x9F\x98\x9E
PHP, Ruby\u{1F61E}
Java, JavaScript, JSON\u1F61E
C, C++, Python\u1F61E

😞 Disappointed Face Emoji Name in Other Languages

Arabic Short Nameوجه محبط
Arabic Keywordsمحبط | وجه
Bengali Short Nameহতাশ মুখ
Bengali Keywordsমুখ | হতাশ
Bulgarian Short NameРазочаровано лице
Bulgarian Keywordsлице | разочарован | Разочаровано лице
Catalan Short Namecara de decepció
Catalan Keywordscara | cara de decepció | decebuda | decebut | decepció
Chinese Short Name失望
Chinese Keywords不高兴 | 失望 | 脸 | 难过
Croatian Short Namerazočarano lice
Croatian Keywordslice | razočaranje | razočarano lice
Czech Short Namezklamaný obličej
Czech Keywordssmajlík | tvář | výraz | zklamání | zklamaný obličej
Danish Short Nameskuffet ansigt
Danish Keywordsansigt | skuffet ansigt
Dutch Short Nameteleurgesteld gezicht
Dutch Keywordsgezicht | teleurgesteld gezicht | teleurstelling
Estonian Short Namepettunud nägu
Estonian Keywordskergendus | leevendus | nägu | pettunud
Filipino Short Namedismayado
Filipino Keywordsdismayado | mukha | nabigo | nalulumbay
Finnish Short Namepettynyt
Finnish Keywordsnaama | pettymys | pettynyt
French Short Namevisage déçu
French Keywordsdéçu | visage
German Short Nameenttäuschtes Gesicht
German Keywordsenttäuschtes Gesicht | Gesicht | traurig
Greek Short Nameαπογοήτευση
Greek Keywordsαπογοητευμένος | απογοήτευση | πρόσωπο
Hebrew Short Nameפרצוף מאוכזב
Hebrew Keywordsמאוכזב | עצוב | פרצוף
Hindi Short Nameनिराश चेहरा
Hindi Keywordsचेहरा | निराश | निराशा
Hungarian Short Namecsalódott arc
Hungarian Keywordsarc | csalódott
Indonesian Short Namewajah kecewa
Indonesian Keywordskecewa | wajah
Italian Short Namefaccina delusa
Italian Keywordsdelusa | delusione | faccina
Japanese Short Name失望した顔
Japanese Keywordsがっかり | がっくり | 失望した顔 | 顔
Korean Short Name실망한 얼굴
Korean Keywords실망 | 실망한 얼굴 | 얼굴
Latvian Short Namevīlusies seja
Latvian Keywordsseja | vīlies | vīlusies seja
Lithuanian Short Namenusivylęs veidas
Lithuanian Keywordsnusivylęs | veidas
Malay Short Namemuka kecewa
Malay Keywordskecewa | muka
Marathi Short Nameनिराशाजनक चेहरा
Marathi Keywordsचेहरा | निराश | निराशाजनक चेहरा
Norwegian Short Nameskuffet
Norwegian Keywordsfjes | skuffelse | skuffet
Polish Short Namerozczarowana twarz
Polish Keywordsrozczarowana buźka | rozczarowana twarz
Portuguese Short Namerosto desapontado
Portuguese Keywordsdesapontamento | rosto | rosto decepcionado | rosto desapontado
Romanian Short Namefață dezamăgită
Romanian Keywordsdezamăgire | față | față dezamăgită
Russian Short Nameразочарование
Russian Keywordsиспытывает разочарование | лицо | недоволен | разочарование | фрустрация
Serbian Cyrillic Short Nameразочарано лице
Serbian Cyrillic Keywordsлице | рaзoчaрањe | разочарано лице
Serbian Latin Short Namerazočarano lice
Serbian Latin Keywordslice | razočaranje | razočarano lice
Slovak Short Namesklamaná tvár
Slovak Keywordssklamaná | tvár
Slovenian Short Namerazočaran obraz
Slovenian Keywordsobraz | razočaran obraz | razočarano
Spanish Short Namecara decepcionada
Spanish Keywordscara | cara decepcionada | decepción | decepcionado
Swedish Short Namebesviket ansikte
Swedish Keywordsbesvikelse | besviken | besviket ansikte
Tamil Short Nameஏமாற்றமடைந்த முகம்
Tamil Keywordsஏமாற்றமடைந்த முகம் | ஏமாற்றமடைந்தேன் | ஏமாற்றம் | ஏமாற்றம் ஏற்பட்டது
Telugu Short Nameనిరాశ చెందిన ముఖం
Telugu Keywordsనిరాశ | నిరాశ చెందిన ముఖం | ముఖం
Thai Short Nameหน้าผิดหวัง
Thai Keywordsผิดหวัง | หน้า | หน้าผิดหวัง
Turkish Short Namememnuniyetsiz yüz
Turkish Keywordskırgın yüz | kırgınlık | memnuniyetsiz yüz | yüz
Ukrainian Short Nameрозчароване обличчя
Ukrainian Keywordsобличчя | розчароване обличчя | розчарований
Urdu Short Nameمایوس چہرہ
Urdu Keywordsچہرہ | مایوس
Vietnamese Short Namemặt thất vọng
Vietnamese Keywordsmặt | mặt thất vọng | thất vọng