😵 Dizzy Face Emoji

Meaning & Description

The 😵 Dizzy Face Emoji, represented by the Unicode character U+1F635, is an expressive emoji used in digital communication to convey a sense of dizziness, confusion, or being overwhelmed. It’s typically employed when someone wants to express that they are feeling disoriented, bewildered, or emotionally overwhelmed. The 😵 Dizzy Face Emoji appeared in Unicode Version 6.0 in 2010 with the Unicode name “Dizzy Face” and was officially included in Emoji Version 1.0 in 2015. Here’s some information about this emoji:

Appearance: The Dizzy Face emoji features a yellow, round face with closed eyes, raised eyebrows, and a crooked or twisted mouth. It often appears with spirals or stars around the head, suggesting a feeling of dizziness.

Usage: This emoji is commonly used to express feelings of dizziness, confusion, disorientation, or being overwhelmed by a situation. It can also be employed to indicate emotional or mental turmoil.

Variations: The appearance of the Dizzy Face emoji may vary slightly depending on the platform or device you’re using, but the central elements of the twisted mouth and the indication of dizziness remain consistent.

Meaning: The primary meaning of the Dizzy Face emoji is to convey a sense of dizziness, confusion, or being overwhelmed. It’s often used to express that someone is feeling disoriented, mentally or emotionally unsteady, or bewildered by a situation.

Examples of Use:

  • “After the roller coaster ride, I felt so 😵.”
  • “I have so much work to do; it’s making me feel 😵.”
  • “The news was so shocking that I’m still feeling 😵.”

Related Emojis: The Dizzy Face emoji can be combined with other emojis, such as 😖 Confounded Face or 🥴 Woozy Face, to provide additional context related to emotional or mental states.

The 😵 Dizzy Face Emoji (U+1F635) is a widely used emoji that conveys a sense of dizziness, confusion, being overwhelmed, or feeling emotionally or mentally unsteady in digital communication. It’s a popular choice for expressing disorientation or emotional turmoil in response to various situations.


😵 Dizzy Face Emoji Information

Emoji CLDR Short Namedizzy face
Windows Alt CodeAlt 128565
Windows Alt X Code1F635 Alt X
Other Keywordsdizzy | face
Emoji GroupSmileys & Emotion
Emoji Subgroupface-unwell
Introduced in Unicode Version (and Release Year)6.0 (2010)
Introduced in Emoji Version (and Release Year)1.0 (2015)
Unicode Character NameDizzy Face
Unicode Code Point(s)U+1F635
Unicode BlockEmoticons
Unicode Block SubheadingFaces
Other Unicode Character Description Or Alias 

Emoji Appearance on Different Devices & Platforms

dizzy face emoji on apple iphone iOS
Apple / iPhone iOS
dizzy face emoji on facebook messenger
Facebook / Messenger
dizzy face emoji on google android
Google / Android
dizzy face emoji on microsoft windows
Microsoft / Windows
dizzy face emoji on openmoji
dizzy face emoji on samsung
dizzy face emoji on twitter (twemoji)
Twitter (Twemoji)
dizzy face emoji on whatsapp

Emoji Codes for Developers

Hexadecimal Code1F635
Decimal Code128565
HTML Entity HEX😵
HTML Entity DEC😵
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%98%B5
Bytes (UTF-8)\xF0\x9F\x98\xB5
PHP, Ruby\u{1F635}
Java, JavaScript, JSON\u1F635
C, C++, Python\u1F635

😵 Dizzy Face Emoji Name in Other Languages

Arabic Short Nameوجه دائخ
Arabic Keywordsوجه دائخ | وجه مصاب بالدوار
Bengali Short Nameহতবুদ্ধি হওয়া মুখ
Bengali Keywordsমুখ | হতবুদ্ধি | হতবুদ্ধি হওয়া মুখ
Bulgarian Short NameЗамаяно лице
Bulgarian Keywordsзамаян | Замаяно лице | лице
Catalan Short Namecara marejada
Catalan Keywordscara | marejada | marejat
Chinese Short Name晕头转向
Chinese Keywords头晕 | 头晕眼花 | 晕头 | 晕头转向 | 脸
Croatian Short Namelice s vrtoglavicom
Croatian Keywordslice | lice s vrtoglavicom | vrtoglavica
Czech Short Nameobličej s výrazem závrati
Czech Keywordsobličej s výrazem závrati | smajlík | tvář | výraz | závrať
Danish Short Namesvimmelt ansigt
Danish Keywordsansigt | ør | svimmel | svimmelt ansigt
Dutch Short Nameduizelig gezicht
Dutch Keywordsduizelig | gezicht
Estonian Short Nameoimetu nägu
Estonian Keywordsnägu | oimetu
Filipino Short Namemukhang nahihilo
Filipino Keywordshikab | inaantok | mukha | mukhang nahihilo | naghihikab
Finnish Short Namepyörtyvä
Finnish Keywordshuimaus | naama | pyörtyvä | tuupertuva
French Short Namevisage étourdi
French Keywordstournis | visage | visage étourdi
German Short Namebenommenes Gesicht
German Keywordsbenommen | benommenes Gesicht | Gesicht
Greek Short Nameζαλάδα
Greek Keywordsζαλάδα | ζαλισμένος | πρόσωπο
Hebrew Short Nameפרצוף עם סחרחורת
Hebrew Keywordsמסוחרר | פרצוף | פרצוף עם סחרחורת
Hindi Short Nameचक्कर खाता चेहरा
Hindi Keywordsचक्कर | चक्कर खाता चेहरा | चेहरा
Hungarian Short Nameszédülő arc
Hungarian Keywordsarc | szédülés | szédülő arc
Indonesian Short Namewajah pusing
Indonesian Keywordsmuka | pusing | wajah
Italian Short Namefaccina frastornata
Italian Keywordsfaccina frastornata | testa che gira
Japanese Short Nameめまい
Japanese Keywordsふらふら | めまい | 顔
Korean Short Name어지러운 얼굴
Korean Keywords어지러운 얼굴 | 어지러움 | 얼굴
Latvian Short Nameapreibusi seja
Latvian Keywordsapreibis | apreibusi seja | seja
Lithuanian Short Nameapsvaigęs veidas
Lithuanian Keywordsapsvaigęs | veidas
Malay Short Namemuka pening
Malay Keywordsmuka | pening
Marathi Short Nameभोवळ येणारा चेहरा
Marathi Keywordsचेहरा | भोवळ | भोवळ येणारा चेहरा
Norwegian Short Nameør
Norwegian Keywordsfjes | ør | svimmel
Polish Short Nameoszołomiona twarz
Polish Keywordsoszołomiona twarz | oszołomiony
Portuguese Short Namerosto atordoado
Portuguese Keywordsrosto | rosto atordoado
Romanian Short Namefață amețită
Romanian Keywordsamețeală | față | față amețită | ochi
Russian Short Nameголовокружение
Russian Keywordsголова кружится | головокружение | головокружительный | лицо
Serbian Cyrillic Short Nameлице са вртоглавицом
Serbian Cyrillic Keywordsвртoглaвицa | лице | лице са вртоглавицом
Serbian Latin Short Namelice sa vrtoglavicom
Serbian Latin Keywordslice | lice sa vrtoglavicom | vrtoglavica
Slovak Short Nametvár so závratom
Slovak Keywordstvár | tvár so závratom | závrat
Slovenian Short Nameomotičen obraz
Slovenian Keywordsobraz | omotičen obraz | omotično
Spanish Short Namecara mareada
Spanish Keywordscara | cara mareada | mareo
Swedish Short Nameomtumlat ansikte
Swedish Keywordsomtumlad | omtumlat ansikte | yr
Tamil Short Nameதலைச்சுற்றும் முகம்
Tamil Keywordsகிறுகிறுப்பு | தலைச்சுற்றல் | தலைச்சுற்றும் முகம் | தலைச்சுற்றுவது போன்ற உணர்வு | மயக்கம்
Telugu Short Nameతల తిరిగినట్లు ఉండే ముఖం
Telugu Keywordsతల | తల తిరిగినట్లు ఉండే ముఖం | ముఖం
Thai Short Nameหน้ามึน
Thai Keywordsมึน | หน้า | หน้ามึน
Turkish Short Namesersemlemiş yüz
Turkish Keywordssersemlemiş yüz | yüz
Ukrainian Short Nameзапаморочене обличчя
Ukrainian Keywordsзапаморочене обличчя | запаморочений | обличчя
Urdu Short Nameچکراتا چہرہ
Urdu Keywordsچکر | چکراتا چہرہ | چہرہ
Vietnamese Short Namemặt chóng mặt
Vietnamese Keywordschóng mặt | mặt | mặt chóng mặt