😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji

Meaning & Description

The 😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji, represented by the Unicode character U+1F636, is a simple and enigmatic emoji used in digital communication to convey a lack of words or speechlessness. The 😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji appeared in Unicode Version 6.0 in 2010 with the Unicode name “Face Without Mouth” and was officially included in Emoji Version 1.0 in 2015. Here’s some information about this emoji:

Appearance: The Face Without Mouth emoji features a yellow, round face with no visible mouth, creating a silent and enigmatic expression. The eyes may vary depending on the platform, but they often depict closed or half-closed eyes.

Usage: This emoji is typically used to express speechlessness, a lack of words, or a moment of silence. It can be employed when someone is at a loss for words or when they want to convey that a situation leaves them without a suitable response.

Variations: The appearance of the Face Without Mouth emoji may vary slightly depending on the platform or device you’re using, but the central element of the mouthless face remains consistent.

Meaning: The primary meaning of the Face Without Mouth emoji is to convey speechlessness or the lack of words. It’s often used when someone is at a loss for what to say or when a situation leaves them without a suitable verbal response.

Examples of Use:

  • “I was so surprised that I was just like 😶.”
  • “His explanation left me completely speechless. 😶”
  • “After the news, there was a moment of silence. 😶”

Related Emojis: The Face Without Mouth emoji can be combined with other emojis or symbols, such as 🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face or 🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey, to emphasize the concept of silence or speechlessness.

The 😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji (U+1F636) is a straightforward and widely used emoji that conveys speechlessness, a lack of words, or a moment of silence in digital communication. It’s a popular choice for expressing that a situation or message has left someone without a suitable verbal response.


😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji Information

Emoji CLDR Short Nameface without mouth
Windows Alt CodeAlt 128566
Windows Alt X Code1F636 Alt X
Other Keywordsface | face without mouth | mouth | quiet | silent
Emoji GroupSmileys & Emotion
Emoji Subgroupface-neutral-skeptical
Introduced in Unicode Version (and Release Year)6.0 (2010)
Introduced in Emoji Version (and Release Year)1.0 (2015)
Unicode Character NameFace Without Mouth
Unicode Code Point(s)U+1F636
Unicode BlockEmoticons
Unicode Block SubheadingFaces
Other Unicode Character Description Or Alias 

Emoji Appearance on Different Devices & Platforms

face without mouth emoji on apple iphone iOS
Apple / iPhone iOS
face without mouth emoji on facebook messenger
Facebook / Messenger
face without mouth emoji on google android
Google / Android
face without mouth emoji on microsoft windows
Microsoft / Windows
face without mouth emoji on openmoji
face without mouth emoji on samsung
face without mouth emoji on twitter (twemoji)
Twitter (Twemoji)
face without mouth emoji on whatsapp

Emoji Codes for Developers

Hexadecimal Code1F636
Decimal Code128566
HTML Entity HEX😶
HTML Entity DEC😶
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%98%B6
Bytes (UTF-8)xF0x9Fx98xB6
PHP, Rubyu{1F636}
Java, JavaScript, JSONu1F636
C, C++, Pythonu1F636

😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji Name in Other Languages

Arabic Short Nameوجه بدون فم
Arabic Keywordsبدون فم | وجه بدون فم
Bengali Short Nameমুখ ছাড়াই মুখমণ্ডল
Bengali Keywordsঠোঁট | নীরব | মুখ | মুখ ছাড়াই মুখমণ্ডল | শান্ত
Bulgarian Short NameЛице без уста
Bulgarian Keywordsлице | Лице без уста | тих | уста
Catalan Short Namecara sense boca
Catalan Keywordscallada | callat | cara | cara sense boca | sense boca | silenci
Chinese Short Name沉默
Chinese Keywords嘴 | 安静 | 沉默 | 脸
Croatian Short Namelice bez usta
Croatian Keywordsbezglasno | lice | lice bez usta | tiho | usta
Czech Short Nameobličej bez úst
Czech Keywordsobličej bez úst | smajlík | tichý | tvář | ústa | výraz
Danish Short Nameansigt uden mund
Danish Keywordsansigt | ansigt uden mund | mund | stille | tavs
Dutch Short Namegezicht zonder mond
Dutch Keywordsgezicht | gezicht zonder mond | mond | rustig | stil
Estonian Short Nameilma suuta nägu
Estonian Keywordsilma suuta nägu | nägu | suu | vaikne | vaikus
Filipino Short Namemukhang walang bibig
Filipino Keywordshindi nagsasalita | mukha | mukhang walang bibig | tahimik | walang bibig
Finnish Short Namenaama ilman suuta
Finnish Keywordshiljaa | hiljainen | naama | naama ilman suuta | suu
French Short Namevisage sans bouche
French Keywordsmuet | visage sans bouche
German Short NameGesicht ohne Mund
German KeywordsGesicht | Gesicht ohne Mund | kein Mund | sprachlos
Greek Short Nameπρόσωπο χωρίς στόμα
Greek Keywordsήσυχος | πρόσωπο | πρόσωπο χωρίς στόμα | σιωπηλός | στόμα
Hebrew Short Nameפרצוף ללא פה
Hebrew Keywordsפה | פרצוף | פרצוף בלי פה | פרצוף ללא פה | שותק | שקט
Hindi Short Nameबिना मुँह का चेहरा
Hindi Keywordsचेहरा | बिना मुँह का चेहरा | मुंह रहित
Hungarian Short Nameszáj nélküli arc
Hungarian Keywordsarc | csendes | néma | nincs szája | száj nélküli arc
Indonesian Short Namewajah tanpa mulut
Indonesian Keywordsdiam | muka | mulut | tenang | wajah | wajah tanpa mulut
Italian Short Namefaccina senza bocca
Italian Keywordsfaccina | faccina senza bocca | non posso parlare | senza bocca
Japanese Short Name口のない顔
Japanese Keywordsだんまり | 口なし | 口のない顔 | 沈黙 | 顔
Korean Short Name입이 없는 얼굴
Korean Keywords얼굴 | 입 없음 | 입이 없는 얼굴
Latvian Short Nameseja bez mutes
Latvian Keywordskluss | mute | seja | seja bez mutes
Lithuanian Short Nameveidas be burnos
Lithuanian Keywordsburna | tylus | veidas | veidas be burnos
Malay Short Namemuka tanpa mulut
Malay Keywordsmuka | muka tanpa mulut | mulut | senyap | tenang
Marathi Short Nameमूक चेहरा
Marathi Keywordsचेहरा | तोंड | तोंड नसलेला चेहरा | मूक | शांत
Norwegian Short Nameuten munn
Norwegian Keywordsfjes | ingen munn | uten munn
Polish Short Nametwarz bez ust
Polish Keywordsbuźka | cisza | nic nie mówię | twarz bez ust
Portuguese Short Namerosto sem boca
Portuguese Keywordscalado | quieto | rosto | rosto sem boca | sem boca
Romanian Short Namefață fără gură
Romanian Keywordsfață | față fără gură | gură | liniște | tăcut
Russian Short Nameлицо без рта
Russian Keywordsбез рта | лицо без рта | молчание | тихо | тишина
Serbian Cyrillic Short Nameлице без уста
Serbian Cyrillic Keywordsбез речи | лице | лице без уста | нечујно | тихo | уста
Serbian Latin Short Namelice bez usta
Serbian Latin Keywordsbez reči | lice | lice bez usta | nečujno | tiho | usta
Slovak Short Nametvár bez úst
Slovak Keywordsnemá | tichá | tvár | tvár bez úst | ústa
Slovenian Short Nameobraz brez ust
Slovenian Keywordsmolčeče | obraz | obraz brez ust | tiho | usta
Spanish Short Namecara sin boca
Spanish Keywordsboca | callado | cara | cara sin boca | silencio
Swedish Short Nameansikte utan mun
Swedish Keywordsansikte utan mun | ingen mun
Tamil Short Nameவாய் இல்லாத முகம்
Tamil Keywordsமுகம் | வாய் இல்லாத முகம் | வாய் இல்லாதது
Telugu Short Nameనిశ్శబ్దాన్ని సూచించే ముఖం
Telugu Keywordsనిశ్శబ్దం | నిశ్శబ్దాన్ని సూచించే ముఖం | ముఖం
Thai Short Nameหน้าไม่มีปาก
Thai Keywordsไม่มีปาก | หน้า | หน้าไม่มีปาก
Turkish Short Nameağzı olmayan yüz
Turkish Keywordsağız | ağzı olmayan yüz | sakin | sessiz | yüz
Ukrainian Short Nameобличчя без рота
Ukrainian Keywordsбеззвучно | обличчя | обличчя без рота | рот | тихо
Urdu Short Nameبغیر منہ والا چہرہ
Urdu Keywordsبغیر منہ والا چہرہ | چہرہ | خاموشی | منہ
Vietnamese Short Namemặt không có miệng
Vietnamese Keywordsít nói | mặt | mặt không có miệng | miệng | yên lặng