😴 Sleeping Face Emoji

Meaning & Description

The 😴 Sleeping Face Emoji, represented by the Unicode character U+1F634, is an expressive emoji used in digital communication to convey a sense of sleepiness, slumber, or tiredness. It’s typically employed when someone wants to express that they are ready to go to sleep, are currently sleeping, or are feeling extremely tired. The 😴 Sleeping Face Emoji appeared in Unicode Version 6.1 in 2012 with the Unicode name “Sleeping Face” and was officially included in Emoji Version 1.0 in 2015. Here’s some information about this emoji:

Appearance: The Sleeping Face emoji features a yellow, round face with closed eyes, a peacefully contented expression, and a bubble-like “Zzz” floating above the head. The overall appearance suggests a state of restful sleep.

Usage: This emoji is commonly used to express feelings of sleepiness, tiredness, or the act of sleeping. It can be employed when someone wants to indicate that they are ready for a nap or have just woken up from a restful sleep.

Variations: The appearance of the Sleeping Face emoji may vary slightly depending on the platform or device you’re using, but the central elements of the peacefully sleeping expression and “Zzz” symbol remain consistent.

Meaning: The primary meaning of the Sleeping Face emoji is to convey a sense of sleepiness, restfulness, or tiredness. It’s often used to express that someone is ready to sleep, is currently sleeping, or has just woken up from a peaceful nap.

Examples of Use:

  • “I’m so tired, going to bed early tonight. 😴”
  • “Just woke up from a great nap. Feeling so refreshed. 😴”
  • “After a long day, all I want to do is sleep. 😴”

Related Emojis: The Sleeping Face emoji can be combined with other emojis, such as 🛌 Bed or 😪 Sleepy Face, to express the idea of going to sleep, resting, or feeling extremely tired.

The 😴 Sleeping Face Emoji (U+1F634) is a widely used emoji that conveys sleepiness, restfulness, or tiredness in digital communication. It’s a popular choice for expressing the desire to sleep, indicating that someone is currently sleeping, or conveying the feeling of being refreshed after a nap.


😴 Sleeping Face Emoji Information

Emoji CLDR Short Namesleeping face
Windows Alt CodeAlt 128564
Windows Alt X Code1F634 Alt X
Other Keywordsface | sleep | sleeping face | zzz
Emoji GroupSmileys & Emotion
Emoji Subgroupface-sleepy
Introduced in Unicode Version (and Release Year)6.1 (2012)
Introduced in Emoji Version (and Release Year)1.0 (2015)
Unicode Character NameSleeping Face
Unicode Code Point(s)U+1F634
Unicode BlockEmoticons
Unicode Block SubheadingFaces
Other Unicode Character Description Or Alias 

Emoji Appearance on Different Devices & Platforms

sleeping face emoji on apple iphone iOS
Apple / iPhone iOS
sleeping face emoji on facebook messenger
Facebook / Messenger
sleeping face emoji on google android
Google / Android
sleeping face emoji on microsoft windows
Microsoft / Windows
sleeping face emoji on openmoji
sleeping face emoji on samsung
sleeping face emoji on twitter (twemoji)
Twitter (Twemoji)
sleeping face emoji on whatsapp

Emoji Codes for Developers

Hexadecimal Code1F634
Decimal Code128564
HTML Entity HEX😴
HTML Entity DEC😴
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%98%B4
Bytes (UTF-8)\xF0\x9F\x98\xB4
PHP, Ruby\u{1F634}
Java, JavaScript, JSON\u1F634
C, C++, Python\u1F634

😴 Sleeping Face Emoji Name in Other Languages

Arabic Short Name‫وجه نائم
Arabic Keywordsنائم | نوم | ‫وجه نائم
Bengali Short Nameঘুমন্ত মুখ
Bengali Keywordsঘুমন্ত অবস্থা | ঘুমন্ত মুখ | নাক ডাকা | মুখ
Bulgarian Short NameСпящо лице
Bulgarian Keywordsлице | Спящо лице | сън
Catalan Short Namecara de dormir
Catalan Keywordscara | cara de dormir | dormint | son | zzz
Chinese Short Name睡着了
Chinese Keywords呼噜 | 打呼 | 睡着了 | 脸
Croatian Short Namelice koje spava
Croatian Keywordslice | lice koje spava | spavanje | zzz
Czech Short Namespící obličej
Czech Keywordschrr | smajlík | spánek | spící obličej | tvář | výraz | zzz
Danish Short Namesovende ansigt
Danish Keywordsansigt | sove | sovende ansigt | søvn | zzz
Dutch Short Nameslapend gezicht
Dutch Keywordsgezicht | slaap | slapend gezicht | zzz
Estonian Short Namemagav nägu
Estonian Keywordsmagav nägu | nägu | uni | zzz
Filipino Short Namenatutulog
Filipino Keywordshumihilik | inaantok | mukha | natutulog | tulog
Finnish Short Namenukkuva
Finnish Keywordsnaama | nukkuva | uni | zzz
French Short Namevisage somnolent
French Keywordssommeil | visage | visage somnolent | zzz
German Short Nameschlafendes Gesicht
German KeywordsGesicht | schlafen | schlafendes Gesicht | schnarchen | zzz
Greek Short Nameύπνος
Greek Keywordszzz | πρόσωπο | ύπνος
Hebrew Short Nameפרצוף ישן
Hebrew Keywordsישן | נוחר | פרצוף
Hindi Short Nameसोया हुआ चेहरा
Hindi Keywordsचेहरा | सोता हुआ चेहरा | सोया हुआ चेहरा
Hungarian Short Namealvó arc
Hungarian Keywordsalvás | alvó arc | arc | zzz
Indonesian Short Namewajah tidur
Indonesian Keywordsmuka | tidur | wajah | zzz
Italian Short Namefaccina che dorme
Italian Keywordsfaccina | faccina che dorme | sonno
Japanese Short Name寝る
Japanese Keywordszzz | 寝る | 眠い | 眠る | 顔
Korean Short Name졸고 있는 얼굴
Korean Keywords얼굴 | 자고 있는 얼굴 | 졸고 있는 얼굴
Latvian Short Nameguļoša seja
Latvian Keywordsgulēt | guļoša seja | seja | žāvāties
Lithuanian Short Namemiegantis veidas
Lithuanian Keywordsmiegantis veidas | miegas | veidas | zzz
Malay Short Namemuka tidur
Malay Keywordsmuka | tidur | zzz
Marathi Short Nameझोपलेला चेहरा
Marathi Keywordsचेहरा | झोप | झोपलेला चेहरा
Norwegian Short Namesover
Norwegian Keywordsfjes | sovende fjes | sover | zzz
Polish Short Nameśpiąca twarz
Polish Keywordssen | spanie | śpiąca twarz | twarz | zzz
Portuguese Short Namerosto dormindo
Portuguese Keywordsrosto | rosto dormindo | sono | zzz
Romanian Short Namefață adormită
Romanian Keywordsfață | față adormită | sforăit | somn
Russian Short Nameспит
Russian Keywordsдрема | лицо | отдых | сон | спит
Serbian Cyrillic Short Nameлице које спава
Serbian Cyrillic Keywordsззз | лице | лице које спава | спaвaњe
Serbian Latin Short Namelice koje spava
Serbian Latin Keywordslice | lice koje spava | spavanje | zzz
Slovak Short Namespiaca tvár
Slovak Keywordsspánok | spať | spiaca tvár | tvár
Slovenian Short Namespeči obraz
Slovenian Keywordsobraz | spanje | speči obraz | zzz
Spanish Short Namecara durmiendo
Spanish Keywordscara | cara durmiendo | dormido | sueño | zzz
Swedish Short Namesovande ansikte
Swedish Keywordssovande ansikte | sover
Tamil Short Nameதூங்கும் முகம்
Tamil Keywordsதூக்க கலக்கமான முகம் | தூக்க கலக்கம் | தூக்கம் | தூங்கும் முகம்
Telugu Short Nameనిద్రపోతున్న ముఖం
Telugu Keywordsనిద్ర | నిద్రపోతున్న ముఖం | ముఖం
Thai Short Nameหลับ
Thai Keywordsกรน | หน้า | หลับ
Turkish Short Nameuyuyan yüz
Turkish Keywordsuykulu yüz | uyuyan yüz | yüz
Ukrainian Short Nameобличчя, що спить
Ukrainian Keywordsобличчя | обличчя, що спить
Urdu Short Nameسوتا ہوا چہرہ
Urdu Keywordsچہرہ | سوتا ہوا چہرہ | سونا
Vietnamese Short Namemặt đang ngủ
Vietnamese Keywordsmặt | mặt đang ngủ | ngủ | zzz