😪 Sleepy Face Emoji

Meaning & Description

The 😪 Sleepy Face Emoji, represented by the Unicode character U+1F62A, is an expressive emoji used in digital communication to convey a sense of sleepiness, tiredness, or exhaustion. It’s typically employed when someone wants to express their need for rest or their feeling of fatigue. The 😪 Sleepy Face Emoji appeared in Unicode Version 6.0 in 2010 with the Unicode name “Sleepy Face” and was officially included in Emoji Version 1.0 in 2015. Here’s some information about this emoji:

Appearance: The Sleepy Face emoji features a yellow, round face with closed eyes, eyebrows lowered in a tired or weary expression, and a small, open mouth. The overall appearance suggests a state of drowsiness or exhaustion.

Usage: This emoji is commonly used to express feelings of sleepiness, tiredness, or exhaustion. It can be employed when someone wants to indicate that they are feeling weary, in need of rest, or are experiencing the desire to sleep.

Variations: The appearance of the Sleepy Face emoji may vary slightly depending on the platform or device you’re using, but the core elements of the drowsy expression and closed eyes remain consistent.

Meaning: The primary meaning of the Sleepy Face emoji is to convey a sense of sleepiness, tiredness, or exhaustion. It’s often used to express that someone is in need of rest or is feeling fatigued.

Examples of Use:

  • “I stayed up all night studying. So 😪.”
  • “Long day at work, I can’t wait to go to bed. 😪”
  • “Waking up early on the weekend is a real struggle. 😪”

Related Emojis: The Sleepy Face emoji can be combined with other emojis, such as 😴 Sleeping Face or 😫 Tired Face, to further emphasize the state of sleepiness or exhaustion.

The 😪 Sleepy Face Emoji (U+1F62A) is a widely used emoji that conveys sleepiness, tiredness, or exhaustion in digital communication. It’s a popular choice for expressing the desire for rest or indicating that someone is feeling weary and in need of sleep.


😪 Sleepy Face Emoji Information

Emoji CLDR Short Namesleepy face
Windows Alt CodeAlt 128554
Windows Alt X Code1F62A Alt X
Other Keywordsface | sleep | sleepy face
Emoji GroupSmileys & Emotion
Emoji Subgroupface-sleepy
Introduced in Unicode Version (and Release Year)6.0 (2010)
Introduced in Emoji Version (and Release Year)1.0 (2015)
Unicode Character NameSleepy Face
Unicode Code Point(s)U+1F62A
Unicode BlockEmoticons
Unicode Block SubheadingFaces
Other Unicode Character Description Or Alias 

Emoji Appearance on Different Devices & Platforms

sleepy face emoji on apple iphone iOS
Apple / iPhone iOS
sleepy face emoji on facebook messenger
Facebook / Messenger
sleepy face emoji on google android
Google / Android
sleepy face emoji on microsoft windows
Microsoft / Windows
sleepy face emoji on openmoji
sleepy face emoji on samsung
sleepy face emoji on twitter (twemoji)
Twitter (Twemoji)
sleepy face emoji on whatsapp

Emoji Codes for Developers

Hexadecimal Code1F62A
Decimal Code128554
HTML Entity HEX😪
HTML Entity DEC😪
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%98%AA
Bytes (UTF-8)\xF0\x9F\x98\xAA
PHP, Ruby\u{1F62A}
Java, JavaScript, JSON\u1F62A
C, C++, Python\u1F62A

😪 Sleepy Face Emoji Name in Other Languages

Arabic Short Name‫وجه ناعس
Arabic Keywordsنعس | وجه | ‫وجه ناعس | وجه نعسان
Bengali Short Nameঘুম ঘুম ভাব
Bengali Keywordsঘুম ঘুম ভাব | ঘুমন্ত অবস্থা | মুখ
Bulgarian Short NameСънено лице
Bulgarian Keywordsлице | сън | Сънено лице
Catalan Short Namecara de son
Catalan Keywordscara | cara de son | son
Chinese Short Name
Chinese Keywords困 | 睡觉 | 瞌睡 | 脸
Croatian Short Namepospano lice
Croatian Keywordslice | pospano lice | spavanje
Czech Short Nameospalý obličej
Czech Keywordsospalý obličej | smajlík | spánek | tvář | výraz
Danish Short Namesøvnigt ansigt
Danish Keywordsansigt | dyb søvn | søvnigt ansigt | træt
Dutch Short Nameslaperig gezicht
Dutch Keywordsgezicht | slaap | slaperig gezicht
Estonian Short Nameunine nägu
Estonian Keywordsmagamine | nägu | unine nägu
Filipino Short Nameinaantok na mukha
Filipino Keywordshumihilik | inaantok na mukha | mukha | natutulog | tulog
Finnish Short Nameunelias
Finnish Keywordsnaama | unelias | uni
French Short Namevisage endormi
French Keywordssommeil | visage | visage endormi
German Short Nameschläfriges Gesicht
German KeywordsGesicht | müde | schläfriges Gesicht
Greek Short Nameνυσταγμένο πρόσωπο
Greek Keywordsνυσταγμένο πρόσωπο | πρόσωπο | ύπνος
Hebrew Short Nameפרצוף ישנוני
Hebrew Keywordsישנוני | פרצוף
Hindi Short Nameउनींदा चेहरा
Hindi Keywordsउनींदा | चेहरा
Hungarian Short Nameálmos arc
Hungarian Keywordsálmos | arc | ásít
Indonesian Short Namewajah mengantuk
Indonesian Keywordsmuka | ngantuk | wajah | wajah mengantuk
Italian Short Namefaccina assonnata
Italian Keywordsassonnato | dormire | faccina | faccina assonnata | sonno
Japanese Short Name眠い
Japanese Keywords寝る | 眠い | 眠る | 顔
Korean Short Name졸린 얼굴
Korean Keywords얼굴 | 졸린 얼굴 | 졸림
Latvian Short Namemiegaina seja
Latvian Keywordsgulēt | miegaina seja | miegs | seja
Lithuanian Short Namemieguistas veidas
Lithuanian Keywordsmiegas | mieguistas veidas | veidas
Malay Short Namemuka mengantuk
Malay Keywordsmuka | muka mengantuk | tidur
Marathi Short Nameझोप येत असलेला चेहरा
Marathi Keywordsचेहरा | झोप | झोप येत असलेला चेहरा
Norwegian Short Namesøvnig
Norwegian Keywordsfjes | søvnig
Polish Short Namesenna twarz
Polish Keywordssenna twarz | śpiąca buźka
Portuguese Short Namerosto sonolento
Portuguese Keywordsrosto | rosto com sono | rosto sonolento
Romanian Short Namefață somnoroasă
Romanian Keywordsfață | față somnoroasă | somn
Russian Short Nameхочет спать
Russian Keywordsлицо | мало | сон | сонливость | усталость | хочет спать
Serbian Cyrillic Short Nameпоспано лице
Serbian Cyrillic Keywordsлице | поспано лице | спaвaњe
Serbian Latin Short Namepospano lice
Serbian Latin Keywordslice | pospano lice | spavanje
Slovak Short Nameospalá tvár
Slovak Keywordsospalá | tvár | únava
Slovenian Short Namezaspan obraz
Slovenian Keywordsobraz | spanje | zaspan obraz
Spanish Short Namecara de sueño
Spanish Keywordscara | cara de sueño | dormir | sueño
Swedish Short Namesömnigt ansikte
Swedish Keywordssömnig | sömnigt ansikte | trött
Tamil Short Nameதூக்கக் கலக்கம்
Tamil Keywordsதூக்க கலக்கம் | தூக்கக் கலக்கமான முகம் | தூக்கக் கலக்கம் | தூக்கம்
Telugu Short Nameనిద్ర ఆవహించిన ముఖం
Telugu Keywordsనిద్ర | నిద్ర ఆవహించిన ముఖం | ముఖం
Thai Short Nameง่วง
Thai Keywordsง่วง | หน้า | หลับ
Turkish Short Nameuykulu yüz
Turkish Keywordsuykulu yüz | yüz
Ukrainian Short Nameзаспане обличчя
Ukrainian Keywordsзаспане обличчя | обличчя | сон
Urdu Short Nameخوابیدہ چہرہ
Urdu Keywordsچہرہ | خوابیدہ چہرہ | غنودگی
Vietnamese Short Namemặt buồn ngủ
Vietnamese Keywordsbuồn ngủ | mặt | mặt buồn ngủ