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Emoji are pictorial symbols (pictographs) and ideograms that are usually presented in a colorful graphic form and used in text for electronic messages and web pages. They represent things such as facial expressions, places, types of weather, vehicles and buildings, food and drink, animals and plants,  graphic icons that represent emotions, feelings, or activities and other common objects.

Emoji are much like emoticons, but emoji are actual pictures instead of typographical characters. Originally meaning pictograph, the word emoji comes from the Japanese 絵 (e ≅ picture) + 文字 (moji ≅ written character).

Emoji came into use on Japanese mobile phones in 1997, and soon found increasing popularity and use worldwide for the nuance, intonation and emotion they add in electronic communications such as text (SMS), chat and email applications and social media posts. Emoji are now a large part of popular culture, such that in 2015, Oxford Dictionaries named the Face with Tears of Joy emoji (😂) the Word of the Year.

Below are the main emoji groups (or categories) with a few emoji examples from each group. Click on the corresponding button link to see all the emojis in each group.

Emoji Groups (Categories)

Food & Drink

🍌 banana
🍟 french fries
🍔 hamburger
🍕 pizza
🍾 bottle with popping cork
🍺 beer mug

Travel & Places

🗺 world map
🏖 beach with umbrella
🗽 Statue of Liberty
🚒 fire engine
🚕 taxi
✈️ airplane


🎃 jack-o-lantern
🎄 Christmas tree
🏆 trophy
soccer ball
🏀 basketball
🎱 pool 8 ball


🕶 sunglasses
👙 bikini
🎸 guitar
📷 camera
💵 dollar banknote
🔨 hammer


wheelchair symbol
🚻 restroom
🚭 no smoking
☯️ yin yang
☮️ peace symbol


🇪🇺 flag: European Union
🇬🇧 flag: United Kingdom
🇵🇭 flag: Philippines
🇺🇳 flag: United Nations
🇺🇸 flag: United States
🏳️‍🌈 rainbow flag

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