Have you ever wanted to know how to type Greek letters like the delta sign Δ? Or how to type different currency symbols like the Euro sign ? Or how to insert smiley faces and other emoticons like the smiling face with sunglasses 😎? Or how to type math symbols like the plus-minus sign ±? Or how to type letters with accents  and other special characters such as the degree sign °, check mark , trademark sign , heart symbol   and star symbol ? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to ALT Code Unicode – a comprehensive reference list of Windows ALT codes for Unicode characters, ASCII characters and other special characters & symbols. Within ALT Code Unicode, you will also find reference tables for HTML entity character references to insert special characters & symbols in your HTML documents and web pages, code pages and character sets and other useful references lists and tables.

If you are new to using ALT codes (also called ALT key codes), read our instructions on How to Use ALT Codes, to learn how to type and insert special characters and symbols not found on a standard computer keyboard in your Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. Or, copy and paste the special characters and symbols you find in our pages on your social network profiles and posts for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.