Unicode Character Lookup Table

This Unicode Character Lookup Table is a reference tool to search for Unicode characters (or symbols) by Unicode Character Name or Unicode Number (or Code Point). It is also a Unicode character detector tool if you search the table using the actual Unicode character. A search result will show the actual Unicode character and its Unicode character name, Unicode number, hexadecimal code point conversion, decimal code point conversion, HTML numeric entity conversion, Unicode block that it’s part of and other associated information. See the detailed instructions below on how to use this Unicode Character Lookup Table.

How to use the Unicode Character Lookup Table

โ€ข Search by Unicode Character:

If you would like to know more details or properties about a certain single Unicode character or would like to detect what a certain Unicode character is, type or copy/paste the actual Unicode character or symbol here. For example, copy and paste this character ???? in the Search by Unicode Character search box to show details about this character.

โ€ข Search by Unicode Character Name:

If you know the full or partial Unicode character name and would like to find the actual character associated with that name, then type the character name here. For example, type ”RADIOACTIVE SIGN” in the Search by Unicode Name search box to show the actual RADIOACTIVE SIGN character.

โ€ข Search by Unicode Number:

If you know the Unicode character number (in hexadecimal format) and would like to find the actual Unicode character and details associated with that character number, then type the character number here. For example, type ”1F3E3” in the Search by Unicode Number search box to show the actual character and other details associated withย ”1F3E3”.

โ€ข General Search:

If you have a piece of information that you would like to use for searching, but do not know exactly what that piece of information is, then type it in the general search box on the left.

Note: To perform another search, be sure to click the CLEAR FILTERS button. At times, a page refresh is needed.

A note on the display of Unicode characters (or, why can’t I see some characters on my screen?)

When performing a search using this Unicode Character Lookup Table, some Unicode characters may not be displayed properly on the screen of your computer or handheld device. They may be displayed instead as a generic replacement character ๏ฟฝ, called “mojibake”, when a Unicode character cannot be correctly decoded by your computer or device, or may each be displayed as white squares โ–ก , called โ€œtofuโ€ or more technically โ€œglyph not defined (.notdef)โ€, indicating your computer or device doesnโ€™t have a font to properly display the characters. This is a computer or device issue. The range of characters displayable on your screen depends on what character encodings are supported by your operating system, web browser and installed fonts. When this happens and you have several devices, try performing the same search such as on a Windows desktop or laptop, iPhone and Android device. We recommend trying Mozilla Firefox as it seems to be able to display the widest range of Unicode characters.

If you would like to enter or insert any Unicode character in your document using the Windows ALT code method, read our How to use ALT Codes instructions.


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