ALT Codes for Miscellaneous Symbols & Signs

The links below are the categories listing the ALT codes for various symbols, signs and emoji found in Unicode. In addition to the ALT codes, the corresponding HTML entity numeric character references and, when available, their corresponding HTML entity named character references are also provided. If you would like to enter or insert any Unicode character in your document using the Windows ALT code method, read our How to use ALT Codes instructions.

Some of the special characters, symbols, sign and emoji you find here may not be displayed properly on the screen of your computer or handheld device. Some may be displayed instead as a generic replacement character �, called mojibake, which is when a Unicode character cannot be correctly decoded by your computer or device. Or, some may be displayed as white squares □ , called tofu which is internet slang for substitute character, or more technically glyph not defined (.notdef), indicating your computer or device is able to decode the character correctly but doesn’t have a font to properly display the character. Both are computer or device issues. The range of characters displayable on your screen depends on the character encoding set supported by the operating system, web browser and installed fonts on your computer or device. When this happens, try viewing the same character on different browsers on a Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android device, to see how they differ in rendering the character on their screens.


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